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Facilities at the centre

The centre is 27 acres of green campgrounds of grass and bushes with space for about 600 scouts in tents in smaller or bigger groups. We have a hilly activity ground and a small lake which is very good for water activities.

On the campground are there are bathhouses and toilets for boys and girls.

  • In the main building is on ground floor a room with a nice fireplace, where the staff sometimes invite to "leader cosiness" (lederhygge).
  • You will find a big cooling room for groceries and vegetables, a freezer and our small kiosk called "Biksen".
  • In "Jagtvejen" we have our Idea-workshop where you can get ideas for what you would like to do
  • We also have suggestions and maps for hikes, sightseeing and canoe hiking.

In our material depot you can lent all the material you need for the activities. Furthermore you can also lent the things you forgot back home such as spades, ropes, axes and so on.


Is a small shop where you can buy sweets, ice-cream, soft drinks, postcards, postal stamps, the centre badge, T-shirts with our logo and other small things.