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About Naesbycentret

Naesbycentret is located in the heart of Sjælland surrounded by forests and beautiful landscapes. Close by you find Susåen (river) and Tystrup-Bavelse søerne (lakes) which are perfect for a canoo trip. Naesbycentret has 13 acres of land consisting of nice and plane camp sites, lots of room for activities and our very own lake which is perfect for water activities.

At Naesbycentret, we value great service, creativity and room for all ages. With this mindset, we create activities and centre camps for both Danish and international scouts.

The Naesfolk

The Naesfolk (in Danish, Næsfolket) is an organisation of volunteering scouts who are in charge of the daily running of Naesbycentret. Every summer, the Naesfolk gathers at the centre to run the summercamps and make sure everything runs smoothly. They run activities, man the small shop "Biksen", host camp fires for all participants and generally make sure that you all have a great time.

Would you like to be part of our summercamp staff? Then you are more than welcome. We have already had people from Taiwan, Russia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Netherlands, Ghana and more helping us run the camps with great succes. Having foreign scouts helping us at Næsbycentret is a unique opportunity to learn new games and new cultures and we therefore welcome anybody who wishes to come and help the staff.

If you are interested please contact our international coordinator.