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As participants at a centre camp, you can try out all of our many and varied activities. We have activities for all age groups, some of which are manned and some are unmanned which means that you will do them on your own. We always expect leaders to join the activities. Read about all our activities in the activity folder below.

Which activities you will do during your centre camp is coordinated with your activity coordinator. Your camp leader will inform you about who that is. Use the activity planner below to write down your wishes for activities - then we will do our utmost to fulfill as many wishes as possible while taking into account the other groups' wishes.

At the centre we have a lot of facilities which you can make use of. For example we have kajaks and canoos to use on our lake, an outdoor kitchen, blacksmith facilities and shelters. Read more about them under facilities.

At Naesbycentret, we also have a few activity badges which you can take while visiting us. Once you have done the activities, you can buy the badges in Biksen (see facilities). Read about all the activity badges below.

Naesbycentret offers more than 100 different activities for all age groups, and you can find them all in the activity folder below.

We have activities about everything from good old fashioned scouting skills and focus on environment and sustainability, to cooking in our outdoor kitchen with things you collected around the centre. The list is long and the possibilities (almost) endless.

You select the activities you want to do at the camp before you arrive in coordination with the centre staff. When you are at the camp, the centre staff will prepare all the activities and you will do them by following the writtend and handed out instructions.

For some of the activities, you will get a staff member to instruct you. In the activity folder, you can see which ones that is.

Once you are at the camp, you can still change up which activities you want to do, as long as it fits with what the other groups have planned. 

Link for the activity folder

You can use the activity planner to make your wishes for activities before the canp. You fill out each day and send the planner to your camp leader or activity coordinator well ahead of the camp. This way, we can best coordinate your wishes with the other participants' wishes.

Activity planner Word (in Danish)

Activity planner Excel (in Danish)


Activity badges

As an environmental hero you can do something good for the environment while you are at the camp by eating vegetarian for 3 days of your camp. The badge was developed by Naesbycentret with support from miljø og energifonden. The description of what to do to get the badge can be found below.

As part of the badge activities, we encourage you to also think about the CO2 footprint of the food and discuss this with the scouts. We know that this is difficult thing to calculate and many factors play in. To make it easier for you, we have made a list of common foods and their CO2 footprint. It is based on numbers from Concito's store klimadatabase.

As inspiration for vegetarian dishes suited for a summer camp, we have created a recepie book which can be found physically at the centre (only in Danish). As you camp leader if you want to know more.

The badge can be bought in Biksen and cost DKK 15.

Beskrivelse af mærket (only in Danish)

Madbestillingsliste med CO2 forbrug (only in Danish)

As part of the GOOSE network (read more about our international collaborations), you can take the badge GOOSE games at Naesbycentret. Each center that is part of the GOOSE network has contributed with an activity. You will take a tour around Europe and learn about the other scout centres that have a special focus on environment and sustainability.

Once you have played the game, you have earned the right to buy the GOOSE games Næsbycentret badge which you can only get at our centre.

The badge costs DKK 15 and can be bought in Biksen. 

As part of the SCENES network (read more about our international collaborations) you can take the SCENES badge World Scout Environmental Badge (WSEB). The scouts will play the environmental game and learn about the environment and how we can take care of it - both while at camo and when you get home. The badge is finished with and environment ceremony where you reflect and set goals for the future. It is a both fun, educational and nice badge that allows the scouts to build upon the knowledge they have in the context of being a scout and taking care of our planet.

The badge cost DKK 15 and can be bought in Biksen.

Beskrivelse af mærket (only in Danish)