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Camp- and safety-regulations

The campsite, the planting and the Westwood:

  • Do not run or play at the steep slopes.
  • Do not cut or break branches from the trees or bushes.
  • Do not climb and walk on - or over the dike and into the Westwood.
  • Activities in the Westwood are only allowed after permission from the campstaffleader

Outdoor taps may be used only to fetch water. Dishwashing and washing of clothes take place at your campground. Personal wash also take place at your campground or in the bathrooms.

Waste water
Do not dig wastewater holes in your campground. You can dig a hole in the planted area between the campgrounds (please do not damage the plants).

Do not saw through the laths. Do not use the laths as firewood. Bring the laths back to the lath depot, when you are finished with them.

Park your car at the centre-parking-area.

Driving at the campsite
Only after permission from a member of the centre staff.

Show consideration for our neighbours and the other scouts at the centrecamp - and let the ghettoblaster stay at home.

Use the existing campfire places.

At the lake
The lake is not for swimming; and fishing is allowed only in connection with one of the centre activities.

Activities at the lake: NO activities at the lake without:

  1. you all have a life jacket tied firm to your body.
  2. a responsible leader - with a life jacket on - by the lake
  3. the oars to the rowing boat is in the boat and
  4. the boat is in the water.

Are usually not allowed at the centre. but ask us, when you send your booking form.