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Activities at The Naesbycentre

At the centre we have a lot of ideas and instructions for you to use. Most of our activities are free of charge - only a few cost extra.

Since 2011 we offer the activity-catalogue to the same level as our usual danish activity catalog. Hence, you will now find more than 100 activities to enjoy. All activities are either accompanied by a staffmember, or delivered with all materials needed (except food) and an english instruction.
Please take a look at the catalogue, you will find many answers in here prior to your stay at Næsbycentret.

Download the activitybook here


On a small stream and lakes near by the centre you can go canoe hiking for 1, 2 or 3 days in 3-man canoes. With the canoes you can get the necessary gear for cooking and maps with many places where to pass the night - 2 of the places are free of charge, the rest cost Danish kroner 20 per person per night. You have to rent the canoes at an external hirer. You should book them well in advance.


We have 8 small yellow kayaks to sail on our "Loch Naes". You can book time for them at the centre.


The staffleader can tell you about services in the Danish churches nearby or get you in touch with a Catholic priest.